Expanding STEM Talent Through Upward Transfer is a 4-year, longitudinal mixed methods research project that seeks to examine what influences student transfer from 2-year colleges into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields of study at 4-year institutions. The research team follows a cohort of 3,000 students beginning in programs or courses required for STEM programs at 2-year colleges in Wisconsin. Multiple sources of quantitative and qualitative data are collected to capture STEM transfer as a complex and contextualized process. These data sources include a new survey instrument that addresses key processes and mechanisms underlying STEM transfer, students’ administrative records and transcript data, and individual and group interviews with students in the cohort. Project partners include University of Wisconsin Colleges, Madison College, and Milwaukee Area Technical College. The conceptual framework guiding the project is depicted below. For more information, please send us a message at stemtransferinfo@wcer.wisc.edu.

Conceptual Framework